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SGO oilless bearing -extrusion material

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Custom-made product
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Major extrusion materials

■ High-strength brass

Designation Chemical composition Mechanical properties
KS Old designation Cu Zn Fe Al Mn Sn Pb Ni Si Tensile strength Elongation Hardness
UNS NO. (N/mm2) (%) (HB)
CAC301 HBsC1 55.0~60.0 33.0~42.0 0.5~1.5 0.5~1.5 0.1~1.5 1.0 0.4 1.0 0.1 430 20 90 (10/1000)
CAC302 HBsC2 55.0~60.0 33.0~42.0 0.5~2.0 0.5~2.0 0.1~3.5 1.0 0.4 1.0 0.1 490 18 100 (10/1000)
CAC303 HBsC3 60.0~65.0 22.0~28.0 2.0~4.0 3.0~5.0 2.5~5.0 0.5 0.2 0.5 0.1 635 15 165 (10/3000)
CAC304 HBsC4 60.0~65.0 22.0~28.0 2.0~4.0 5.0~7.5 2.5~5.0 0.2 0.2 0.5 0.1 755 12 200 (10/3000)

■ Aluminum bronze

DesignationChemical compositionMechanical properties
KS/JISOld designationCuFeNiAlMnSnPbZnTensile strengthElongationHardness
UNS NO.(N/mm2)(%)(HB)
CAC701AlBC185.0~90.01.0~3.00.1~1.08.0~10.00.1~ 80(10/1000)
CAC702AlBC280.0~88.02.5~5.01.0~3.08.0~10.50.1~ 120(10/1000)
CAC703AlBC378.0~85.03.0~6.03.0~6.08.5~10.50.1~ 150(10/1000)

■ List of molds

d D1 D1 D1 T x W T x W T x W
Ø18 Ø22 Ø68 Ø134 13x38 23x153 35x100
Ø20 Ø24 Ø70 Ø138 13x43 23x163 35x105
Ø22 Ø25 Ø72 Ø142 13x53 23x203 35x130
Ø23 Ø26 Ø73 Ø143 13x63 24x24 36.5x69.5
Ø25 Ø27 Ø74 Ø148 13x75 24x54 38x48
Ø27 Ø28 Ø75 Ø150 13x78 24x74 38x135
Ø28 Ø30 Ø76 Ø152 13x83 24x78 40x67
Ø30 Ø31 Ø77 Ø158 13x185 24x84 40x80
Ø33 Ø32 Ø78 Ø162 14x80 24x154 43x48
Ø38 Ø33 Ø80 Ø167 15x75 24x164 43x108
Ø43 Ø34 Ø82 Ø170 15x85 25x105 43x128
Ø48 Ø35 Ø83 Ø175 15x95 25x130 45x55
Ø53 Ø37 Ø85 Ø177 15x105 25x155 45x91
Ø58 Ø38 Ø87 Ø183 15x110 25x165 48x55
Ø60 Ø39.3 Ø88 Ø187 15x115 25x170 48x125
Ø62 Ø40 Ø90 Ø190 15x130 25x205 50x155
Ø63 Ø41 Ø92 Ø194 15x135 28x38 52x123
Ø68 Ø42 Ø94 15x155 28x55 54x69
Ø73 Ø42.3 Ø95 15x165 28x73 54x74
Ø78 Ø43 Ø97 17x65 28x123 55x65
Ø83 Ø44 Ø98 17x85 29.5x84 57x130
Ø88 Ø45 Ø100 17x105 30x45 60x60
Ø93 Ø46 Ø102 18x94 30x75 60x68
Ø98 Ø47 Ø103 18x165 30x130 65x75
Ø103 Ø49 Ø105 20x50 31x80 80x130
Ø108 Ø50 Ø106 20x75 31x86 83x83
Ø113 Ø51 Ø107 20x90 31x88 28x55
Ø118 Ø52 Ø108 20x185 31x105 53x85
Ø123 Ø53 Ø110 22x205 32x32 61x61
Ø128 Ø54 Ø112 23x31 32x42 70x85
Ø135 Ø55 Ø113 23x33 33x51
Ø138 Ø56 Ø115 23x40 33x60
Ø57 Ø117 23x41 33x75
Ø58 Ø118 23x51 33x90
Ø59 Ø120 23x53 34x85
Ø60 Ø122 23x61 34x165
Ø62 Ø123 23x63 35x40
Ø63 Ø127 23x70 35x45
Ø64 Ø128 23x83 35x55
Ø65 Ø130 23x103 35x65
Ø66 Ø132 23x128 35x77
Ø67 Ø133 35x95
Product Details
Product Name SGO oilless bearing -extrusion material
Delivery date If you contact us, we will inform you of the delivery date.
Price Please inquire
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Payment for Shipping Parcel Service
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